LOCOMOTION: Modelling for a Different Raw Materials Approach
November 14, 2023
14:00 – 16:30 CEST
Hotel Marivaux, Hitchcock Auditorium, Brussels & Online

TOPIC: “Copper supply: scenarios and solutions”

For decades, our economies have relied deeply on the rapid exchange of materials at low prices, coupled with permanently present expectations of future supply growth. This unsustainable model, based on supply chain predictability and stability, does not change gradually. The COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion have disrupted it, and the disruptions from rapidly escalating climate impacts are only now beginning to materialize. The energy transition is imperative but also highly material-intensive. As Europe strives to reduce its dependence on Russia, the demand for critical raw materials is poised to soar. If supply and demand in the value chain of copper are left completely unchecked, chaos and conflict will prevail. So how can industry adapt, governments plan, scientists give advice, and citizens engage in all this? This is the subject of this event, with copper as a case in point.

The H2020 project LOCOMOTION (Low-carbon society: an enhanced modeling tool for the transition to sustainability) has developed scientific models to assess the impact of various raw material scenarios, including one aligned with the European Green Deal. This event seeks to explore the complexity of multiple crises and gain insights from LOCOMOTION’s new integrated assessment model (IAM).

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