The mine, the factory and the store
Published by: ODG Catalunya

The goal of this publication is to address the critical analysis of the global dynamics that seek to secure “the mine, the factory and the store in the so-called “green transition”. More specifically, it examines the dispute between different international actors for control over global supply chains and the value of technologies deemed “clean” in a context where responses to the pandemic and the energy crisis have accelerated this transition—now including security as an added incentive.

Our research focuses on the extraction of critical minerals, industrialization and reindustrialization, and the markets that demand such technologies. It is motivated by the results of fieldwork conducted by the team of the Debt Observatory in Globalisation in the “Lithium Triangle”: the territory of the high Andean salt flats where one of the key materials for the “green transition”, lithium, is extracted. It also includes a chapter on alternatives with four proposals to accelerate a different kind of transition: reducing demand in the Global North, a just transition, fair funding, and global justice.

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