The changing seascape of deep-sea mining Europe
Published by: Seas at Risk

In recent years, Europe’s stance on deep-sea mining has shifted significantly from advocating for exploitation to supporting a precautionary approach. Now, eleven European countries and the European Union align with the growing scientific consensus on the negative impacts of deep-sea mining, thanks to civil society’s persistent opposition and growing scientific alarms.

Our new report, “The changing seascape of deep-sea mining in Europe“, outlines this change in international negotiations, provides insight into the positions of 22 European countries, and examines the evolving stance within EU institutions. It also draws parallels to previous environmental policy development, advocating for a similar approach to deep-sea mining. We offer seven key policy recommendations for European decision-makers, including a ban on deep-sea mining in European waters and an embargo on seabed minerals.

Read the report and the 22 country factsheets here.

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