The CRMA and Global Justice – Letter to the EU Institutions and Representatives
Published by: RMC

To be globally just and sustainable, the Critical Raw Materials Act must ensure effective social, environmental and governance safeguards and provide meaningful participation to local communities, Indigenous Peoples, and civil society in resource-rich countries. 

This joint letter, signed by the EEB alongside movements, Indigenous Peoples, and Civil Society Organizations, particularly but not exclusively from resource-rich countries in the Global South, stresses the urgent need for the EU to take a human-rights-based approach to decarbonisation and ensure that all rights holders and stakeholders in resource-rich countries, not only governments and the private sector, are involved in the process in a full and meaningful way.

More specifically, though not approving of them, we ask the EU to ensure strategic projects and the sourcing of raw materials from resource-rich countries are done:

  1. Respecting human rights, Indigenous rights, and adhering to international human and environmental rights legislation, agreements, and standards.
  2. Ensure that strategic partnerships are formed and followed up democratically.
  3. Rights holders, especially Indigenous Peoples, civil society organisations and local communities, must have a stake in the governance scheme of the CRMA and should be able to participate in defining and monitoring strategic projects and partnerships.
  4. The environmental and social impacts of mining and other projects related to the energy transition should be assessed during the permitting process. Projects cannot proceed without concerned Indigenous Peoples’ Free Prior and Informed Consent.
  5. Strategic projects should respect no-go zones, including biosphere reserves, the deep-sea, and sacred sites, which for many hold culture, tradition and value beyond ownership.
  6. Taking responsibility for reducing the EU’s consumption.

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