Publications by RMC

How to strengthen the EU’s Critical Raw Materials Strategic Partnerships
The CRMA and Global Justice – Letter to the EU Institutions and Representatives
A Turning Point: The Critical Raw Material Act’s needs for a Social and Just Green Transition
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Publications by Members

White Paper on Sustainable Resource Management in the EU
Lithium: Towards a Necessary Sufficiency
Critical minerals and the energy transition: Do we need to mine the deep seas?
The Raw Materials Rush: How the European Union is using trade agreements to secure the supply of critical raw materials for its green transition
The right to say no: a legal toolbox for communities affected by mining in the EU
Smoke and Minerals: How the mining industry plans to profit from the energy transition
Human Rights and Environmental Impact of Nickel Mining at Rio Tuba
Mapping the Impacts and Conflicts of Rare-Earth Elements
Sacrifice zones for sustainability? Green extractivism and the struggle for a just transition
A rush for Lithium in Africa risks fuelling corruption and failing citizens